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how i hero called a whale

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  • how i hero called a whale

    thoughts ?

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    solver says i played this hand on an Extra-Terrestrial level

    preflop I am supposed to raise 30% and to call 70% of the time , it doesnt really matter but i should have raised smaller (half pot enough)

    flop i am supposed to check 10% of the time and to bet small 90% of the time

    I guess JL would also check here

    but on this blank of a turn this is a 100% check for the hero

    on river this is a 97% of the times check and a 3% betting 25% poztsize but lets say for simplicity this is a 100% check

    when the villian bets 3200 solver with no reads calls 32% of the time and folds 68% of the time

    it is understandable since hero loses to every Q , every 9.. but given the passive action you cannot exploit the solver by auto betting because the solver calls 32% with this bluff catcher


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      Pre flop im split between call or 3 bet up until this week I would just call but have added TT to my 3 bet range so would be dependent on player I’m against
      On the flop I would do a 33% bet as that’s what I like using in 3 bet and multinway pots
      if they call then I’m going into check / call mode unless the bets are huge , as played I would also call the river bet but this probably a mistake on my part