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PT4 - Filter For Facing Pot Size Bets

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  • PT4 - Filter For Facing Pot Size Bets

    I've come to the hypothesis that I likely do poorly facing pot size bets. I'd like to filter this out of PT4 and review but I'm struggling to find the correct filter. I tried going to action and opportunities and setting "flop bet percentage of pot between 90 and 110" to gather bets that are roughly pot size. I'm getting no results even though I can go back and review a hand where this happened last night.

    Clearly my filter is off. I'm guessing the filter only shows hero's actions and not villains. Any thoughts on a solution?

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    Are you clicking the bet size section on? I forget that sometimes. Pick a bet size, then forget to activate it.

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      Well this took a while to figure out...

      This is the filter you need to apply for facing pot size action on the flop:

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      It seems a bit counter-inuitive to me, but what we need to enter is actually the total % of the pot that we now need to call.

      For example, if the pot was $10 and our opponent bet pot for $10 the pot would now be $20 total and we'd need to call $10 i.e. 50%.