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KJs in SB vs early raise

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  • KJs in SB vs early raise

    Playing in a 2/5 game with $10 straddle, a good TAG pro in UTG+1 comes in for $35. An unknown in the cutoff calls and it folds to you in the SB with KJs. Stacks are about 100 BB's. Is this a call or fold?
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    Never, ever a call.

    A squeeze to ~14bbs is a good option.

    I'm never developing a calling range here (multiway, OOP, and not closing action) and so this means our 3-betting range needs to be linear. We are always going to be 3betting our premiums (roughly TT+, AQs+, AK) and so our "bluffs" need to come from hands slightly worse than this. It is effective to use suited broadways because they are effective blockers to our opponent holding premium hands and they realise their equity very well.

    If the UTG+1 is a far superior player to us though folding is probably a good option. We really want to be doing everything we can to minimise their edge against us which means we want to play with large bet sizes, IP, as the aggressor.


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      The main take away for me is that a tight player raised over a straddle indicating his willingness to play for a big pot from EP (usually OOP).

      So I just fold KJs there.

      To comment on London's squeeze. I think that is way to small OOP I would be raising to about 26BB with QQ+ AKs AK and a couple of bluffs like A5s JTs 76s 87s

      In position I would have gone to about 24BB with a caller in-between

      Raising to 26BB also sets up an SPR of about 1, slightly more. So whenever we get called so the V needs to be aware that all the chips can go in on the flop. That
      should disincentives them from set mining and getting in their with their more speculative hands.

      The pot is 13.4BB when it gets to us. I think 14BB is going to get us into a multi-way pot unless someone rejams. I think 14BB with usually fold out the blinds and
      maybe the straddle but V1 probably wont fold any of his range (he shouldn't anyway) for 7BB more and if he calls the Co is likely to splash with a large portion of their
      range too.


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        Ah man completely missed the straddle.

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      Yes I tend to agree that KJs is probably a fold here, with a squeeze to about 3.5x or 4x the opener's raise a possible alternative. How do you guys feel about KQs or AQo in the same situation?


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        I might try to call and see a flop with KQs in a cash game. It would be one of those deals where I try to see if the BB or straddle looks like they want to put more chips in or not tho.
        To be honest I lean more towards over folding from the SB if I can't come in raising. I recently mucked KQs twice in a tournament from the BB but I wasn't closing the action. IDK
        if they were mistakes or not...I think they are going to appear in a webinar soon so I should learn something about those spots.


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          OOP you want to go around 4x or even more plus you need to account for the cold caller and add his $35 on top