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  • Mistake in Ranges

    After adding all of the 100, 75 and 25BB ranges to Flopzilla I think I found one mistake.
    25BB Blind vs Blind. BB defend vs SB RFI. I believe 65o should be a call or it's a peculiar outlier.

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    Remember that these are "implementable" GTO ranges, in which playing one hand at 100% frequency is a substitute for playing multiple similar hands at smaller frequencies.

    Having 54o as a BB call for a SB open might be a playable substitute for having 65o called (I'm making these numbers up) 40% of the time, 54o called 35% and 43o called 25%.


    • kkep
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      That could be the case but this one doesn't make sense to me.

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    BTW you wouldn't happen to be a traveling dealer, would you?
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    • PokerShaman
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      Nope. I've never worked as a dealer anywhere,