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    I'm not 5-beting, particularly in position. It's nearly impossible to balance from this stack depth and any raise would be all in or create a SPR of less than 1 which is awkward.
    Out of position I'm looking to get my KK and QQ in pre-flop and probably AKo.

    Again in position I'm going to just call given the SPR.

    I could also split my range like this, AK to Junk AQ with a club is floating.

    But I just like calling down the best.

    This turn line is probably a mistake. I'm bluffing one combo of QQ that unblocks the very few flush draws the V might have. The only better hand that MIGHT fold is KK.
    So maybe this isn't so bad if we get called by his AX+ and a couple maybe a few FD's and fold some Kx. I'll call river with 1 combo of QdQs basically bc I think I need to call
    with some QQ combos and this one still unblocks the club draws.

    If I don't take this line than I'm checking everything back. There just aren't any bluffs

    Folding 1/2 my KK combos and the 5 QQ combos I have left. Might actually call with all of my KK depending on what my read on the V is.