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Best Stats and Filters for Analyzing Your Play

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  • Best Stats and Filters for Analyzing Your Play

    One of the only good things to come out of COVID was that it forced me to start playing online. I've still only got 11,000 hands in PT4 but I'm building up towards enough of a sample size to start analyzing my game. So my question for the group, any recommendations on how best to do that?

    Other than BB/100 and the amount of money I'm making, are there any other important stats to look at in terms of overall play?

    I've set up a few basic filters like Cbets, River Calls, etc. Any favorite filters you use to break down common spots or spots you struggle with?

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    Here is a link to download the custom report that I use:

    It's got the standard VPiP, PFR, 3bet, WTSD% etc. but then it drills down more into street specific situations. For example it shows how often I cbet flop, fold to flop cbet, fold to flop vbet, my flop AF, my flop AFq and so on.

    It allows me to highlight any particular areas of concern, and by making a note of my stats at the end of each month I can track my progress and see how my game is evolving.

    I can't take credit for actually making the report, I think I got it from originally.


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