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Keyboard controls for PokerCoaching videos

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  • Keyboard controls for PokerCoaching videos

    Hi guys, I've been watching some PokerCoaching videos lately, and I hate the fact that keyboard controls aren't working in the video player—I often want to jump back a few seconds to re-listen to a sentence and think about it, but that's very cumbersome to do with a mouse, especially on long videos.

    So, in case anyone else is having the same problem, I'm sharing a user script I wrote that adds keyboard controls to the videos on

    1) Install Violentmonkey, which is a browser extension that allows you to install scripts that change website behavior/appearance:
    2) Install the script:

    The keyboard commands are the same as on YouTube:

    jump back/forward: left/right
    volume up/down: up/down
    pause/play: space
    speed up/down: >/<

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    Looks like this is just for Chrome?


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      No, it should work in all browsers that support the WebExtensions API, so Chrome, all other Chromium based browsers, Firefox, Edge, ...

      Is it not working for you? I just fixed a small isue with the video element detection, you might want to update the script.


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        I noticed that the keyboard controls didn't work on homework videos—the innards of the website are a bit of a mess, sometimes the player is initialized twice, which messes up the controls, and there's a bunch of missing assets that cause those pages to load really slow. Can't do anything about the latter, but I uploaded a new version with some workarounds that should fix the keyboard controls for all the videos (I hope).


        • kkep
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          I haven't tried it. I don't mind using the mouse. TBH You have so few comments that I get suspicious when they include download links and it's sort of my job to check this stuff out. It all seems legit to me even tho I didn't actually download the extension. I use FireFox and I see that Violent Monkey is highly rated.

          Thanks for the effort.

        • modfalcon
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          No worries, I rather have you being suspicious of links than the forum being full of spam. Btw, even if Violentmonkey is legit, I could still be up to something nefarious with the user script, but it's all open source, so that wouldn't be the brightest of ideas.