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    About a month ago I basically wiped my commuter because it was running like crap. Unfortunately I also lost a ton of data because I didn't know the program I ran wasn't going to ask me what files I wanted to be back-up. So everything I had on Poker Stars and PT4 is gone. Luckily I do run my own periodic back-ups so I have all of my hand histories up until sometime in May meaning I have all but about a months worth of hands

    When I first got PT4 I was easily able to import hand histories I had accumulated on PS before adding PT4 but now I can't figure it out.

    I copied over 15000 tournament hands from the back-up file and put them in a separate text file. When I try to add that file I get a pop up telling me they are from a newer version of PT4 so that action can't be performed when in fact they are actually from an older version.

    I'm totally lost now. Hopefully I'm missing something simple.

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    Found it, it's a big freaking box at the top of the page that says Get Hands From Disk
    Sadly there must be some formatting errors in my DATABASE Backup because I'm getting an error when I import them.
    That really sucks because I didn't change the files at all after running the back up from PT4


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      Try importing less files, maybe not all of them have problems.
      Do you have same operating system or same version of the system?
      Or maybe try to install the oldest version of PT4!?
      I don't use PT4 so I'm just guessing.


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        I did try smaller batches and different portions. No luck