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Adjustments for 1/2 poker in texas?

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  • Adjustments for 1/2 poker in texas?

    As many know, poker in Texas can get wild, its not uncommon for every flop to have at least 3 - 4 callers to a raise. My question though is how i should adjust to raise sizes in 1/2? the buy in is $300 which is 150bb, however the raise sizes are about $15-$20. Being that this is the case should i use a somewhat short stack strategy and play it as if its basically 2/5 with me being 60 bb deep when i buy in? Also all games are loose passive with many limpers, and a tight aggressive strategy has worked so far.

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    Just because everyone else opens obscenely large doesn't mean you need to. In many 1/2 games I play opens are 10-20, I keep it to pot sized raises with some adjustments against particularly bad opponents as an exploit. If they call you wider that's fine if you're more competent post-flop than your opponents, they'll just be playing with an undefendable range.

    When facing an open and deciding how to call and 3 bet, just play good cards. It's not as fun as getting out of line, but if they're raising that big, assuming a normal or wide range, they're just going to hemorrhage money if you only play against them with a much stronger range. I would recommend doing a lot of 3 betting with a strong linear range.