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    In Matt A's Advanced BB tournament strategies video I recently heard him say that with a 2.5x raise to you in the BB (with 1BB ante) you are getting 6.5 to 1 pot odds to call. So Matt A was including your call as part of the odds which doesn't make logical sense to me. If someone raises 2.5x and it folds to me I assume I'm getting 1.5 to 5 with the dead money in there. 2.5(PFR)+.5(SB)+1(BB)+1(BB ante) So I would think you need to call 1.5 to win 5. This is how I have always calculated my equity. I wouldn't be asking but I also heard Alex F use this line of thinking in another video. They are obviously including your call 1.5 in calculating your pot odds. Can someone explain this line of thinking to me. I figured it was a glitch when I heard Alex F say it a couple weeks back, but now I'm little concerned, lol.

    The question I'm asking about appears in minute 19 of the video.

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    Represented as a ratio it is 5:1.5, when calculating equity needed to profitably call you do 1.5/6.5=23%.

    If you're facing a pot sized bet post flop, you need 33% equity to call, getting 2:1. Half pot bet you need 25% equity getting 3:1.

    Not to over-complicate but this also doesn't take into account equity realization


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      Seems like a mistake on Matt A's part. Your calculation is correct, as is the one from dilly 1.5 : 5 as odds, is the same as 1.5/6.5=.23 as a percentage. Matt maybe confuses these, but he confuses wrong, because he makes it 1:6.5. I think he means to show the situation as a percentage, which would be the 1.5 / 6.=.23 = 23%
      Haven't watched the video, this is based on your post only.


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        Thanks, yeah I figured out what he was doing. I always just use ratio and know the approximate math.