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Preflop charts - vs 3bet

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  • Preflop charts - vs 3bet

    I noticed in the preflop charts, only in the 100BBs charts does it show what to do vs a 3bet. All the other charts are missing this information. Is it located somewhere else or am I just not seeing it?

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    Don't think it exists yet in the tools, my understanding is with the development of the app there is going to be 4,000+ charts so I assume it would be included there when complete


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      I developed my own for the 6max online cash charts based on some research I did, so far been working well but will be making some tweaks to them. At was actually a really useful learning exercise and I'd highly recommend developing your own. I posted an example one on another post but here it is again.

      Basic rules of developing your ranges are:-
      1. decide what your value 4 bet range is
      2. work out your mdf - can defend a bit wide IP and tighter OOP
      3. Use hands that are on the edge of your calling range for your 4 bet bluffs, I went for a 1:1 ratio OOP and slightly more bluffs IP - I also choose to use a mix of hands for board coverage and not just blockers

      Click image for larger version

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