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what do you think about this hand ? should i have checked flop `

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  • what do you think about this hand ? should i have checked flop `

    Hold'em No Limit - 500/1,000 (125 ante) - 9 players

    UTG: 38,586 (39 bb)
    UTG+1: 14,380 (14 bb)
    MP: 10,627 (11 bb)
    MP+1 (Hero): 19,220 (19 bb)
    LP: 19,853 (20 bb)
    CO: 30,481 (30 bb)
    BU: 15,814 (16 bb)
    SB: 59,739 (60 bb)
    BB: 15,092 (15 bb)

    Pre-Flop: (2,625) Hero is MP+1 with Q♦ A♦
    3 players fold, Hero raises to 2,300, 1 fold, CO calls 2,300, 3 players fold

    Flop: (7,225) 2♠ 4♠ J♠ (2 players)
    Hero bets 4,817, CO raises to 19,147, MP+1 (Hero) folds

    Total pot: 16,859
    CO wins 16,859

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    Was this live or online? What do you know about Villain? If he is an OMC, fit or folder, you have to assume he has at least the As or Ks but more likely has a made hand he is willing to risk everything. If it is a young gun slinger, maybe he is bluffing completely and has assumed if you had a made hand, you would have checked, so he concludes you'll lay down to any serious resistance. It was a good move on his part.

    Whether you should have checked or not depends on your read of V's style. Personally, I would have checked, but I'm not good enough to say if that is the right thing to do.


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      this was online and i had no reads on the villian since i was new to the table


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        Preflop, I think our sizing is a bit off. We only have 19bb in our stack, so every chip is precious. I would open the minimum, to 2bb.

        On the flop, think about the villain's range. They flatted a LJ open from the CO. At this stack depth they probably should be shoving everything in their playing range, which ought to be fairly tight. But they flatted. This says to me that either they are a total duffer (with a capped range of medium-strength hands like pairs TT or less, suited aces AQs or less, suited connectors KQs down to something like 76s depending on how optimistic they are, suited broadways, bigger suited gappers, and maybe some big offsuit aces; or they are a "tricky" duffer LOLslowplaying premium pairs and maybe AKs

        Meanwhile we should have a snug LJ opening range leaving out a relative handful shoves (see the 15bb charts).

        Against the total duffer, we do not have range advantage (neither do they), and they have a slight nut advantage by having 44 and 22 in their range as well as having a few more flush combos.

        We should not be betting big on this flop. If we are betting at all, it should be something on the order of a quarter to a third of the pot, aiming to fold out air, maybe even ace-high, that does not include a spade.. If we get raised, we fold, and if we get called, we're done. But I am leaning towards a check, possibly a check/call if the villain bets small, but folding if the bet is more than a third of the pot.

        Remember, at this stack size, our chips are precious. We do not want to waste them by blindly c-betting and not by c-betting (blindly or otherwise) large amounts unless the flop texture calls for it.

        As played, once the villain raises our large c-bet, we should fold without worrying about it too much.


        • Guido
          Guido commented
          Editing a comment
          awesome comment really

          i think if i put it into a solver it says the exact same thing

          i want to say i was multitabling a was not that aware of effective stack sizes here presumably

          shame on me

          also as this is a 3on a flush board i was more aware of scaring out all of his non flush draws forgetting to think about range and nut adavantage and all the consequences on this

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        solver says

        preflop this is a 100% close small raise (flatting has a little bit less ev)

        as played on flop this is a 100% check and if i want to bet (which is way worse than checking) i need to bet 25% potsize