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I'm too aggressive and cant fold river when I know I need to.

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  • I'm too aggressive and cant fold river when I know I need to.

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    around hand 16000 i joined poker coaching and watched a ton of videos. A lot of it was clicking, but it was also in the prime time corona stage, tons of fish including myself . I turned up some aggression on different streets, and lowered my cbetting from about 90+% to 50-60 which is a little more reasonable. I got my showdown value pretty positive and was winning most sessions at a good clip. Some of this showdown downswing is me running a greater size/occurence of bluffs, and generally failing. I'm probably overbluffing. But im also calling a bit wider and end up calling a bit light against aggressive players on the river. Sometimes it works, sometimes im like, welp, that was dumb. Finally i know i have a huge problem calling off a stack with overpairs(TT+) when i know theyre representing KK/AA. Dont know what to study to help with this and any input would be appreciated.

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    I think this is a perfectly natural issue for players when they are starting out. I consider myself to be in that category, and I'm certainly guilty of it!

    I'm trying to work out the best way to remove this behaviour aswell, but I'm not sure it's something you can read about or watch a video on - you already understand the leak, you know how you need to change your behaviour, you just need to execute on that knowledge.

    Generally, at the lower stakes, my experience is that most people don't bluff as much as I expect, so make sure you're showing up with hands that are likely to win, and don't hero call as much.

    If you have PT4 or HM3 then I'd suggest reviewing some hands with hero and villian cards hidden. Fliter the hands so that you only see hands that go to the showdown and walk through the hand putting yourself and the villain on a range, then developing that range. Perhaps doing this off felt work will help you make similar analysis when playing.

    Also, run your Overpairs through flopzilla or equilab so you can see how strong those typical hands are against typical openeing ranges. Maybe seeing the delta in equity will help you make better decisions in game?

    Some of this may help?

    (I'll caveat all of this with the admission that I'm still early on my poker study journey)


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      what is perfectly natural ?? know should fold but can't ??