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I'm too aggressive and cant fold river when I know I need to.

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  • I'm too aggressive and cant fold river when I know I need to.

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    around hand 16000 i joined poker coaching and watched a ton of videos. A lot of it was clicking, but it was also in the prime time corona stage, tons of fish including myself . I turned up some aggression on different streets, and lowered my cbetting from about 90+% to 50-60 which is a little more reasonable. I got my showdown value pretty positive and was winning most sessions at a good clip. Some of this showdown downswing is me running a greater size/occurence of bluffs, and generally failing. I'm probably overbluffing. But im also calling a bit wider and end up calling a bit light against aggressive players on the river. Sometimes it works, sometimes im like, welp, that was dumb. Finally i know i have a huge problem calling off a stack with overpairs(TT+) when i know theyre representing KK/AA. Dont know what to study to help with this and any input would be appreciated.