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    I don't know if you took this quiz or not and, if you didn't, maybe it would be better to stop reading this because I don't like to spoil anyone's surprise
    On a 996 board, after a bet and a raise from two aggro players, Coach says that a nice play by Hero (holding JTs) would be to re-raise pretty small (like "yeap, let's build a pot and play"), Hero's re-raise representing a 9. Behind Hero are also 2 players left to act.

    If I would be in Hero's shoes, holding a 9, my fishy play would be to just call IP vs two aggro, trying to keep them in the pot and to get more value on turn/river, even if sometimes I lose.

    So, my questions are:
    1. by re-raising are we really representing a 9 (because maybe we just call with a 9)? and
    2. if the answer is no to previous, we don't risk an easy 4 bet bluff, especially from aggro players?
    3. if we have a 9, can we slow-play in this spot?

    I have to admit that Coach gives a 10 to a fold and mentions that Hero's image should be one of a tight player in order to succeed with this kind of play.

    Any thoughts? Thanks and please keep in mind that I'm a fish