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2 very strange hands in a row at the very beginning of a mtt

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  • 2 very strange hands in a row at the very beginning of a mtt

    friday i played my last session

    there were 2 hands in a row i cannot forget

    it was just absurd

    it was at the very beginning of a mtt, even at the very beginning of the whole session , imagine you start a session and those 2 hands happen back to back in the same tourney

    please watch those links back to back

    there you can also see the time when it "happened" (2:04 pm and 2:07 pm)

    hand 1

    (ok bad river call in hindsight but i just could not imagine he would check with a top hand on such a flush scary board

    the river check raise looked fishy ; i know not a lot of player raise rivers at all as a bluff in a 22 dollar mtt but i thought this time i can bluff catch succesfully, i just didnt believe hin

    hand 2

    the very next hand

    if you found hand 1 boring then watch this one carefully

    what are thoughts on this two hands ?

    and do you want me to put them into a solver ?

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    The first hand I get betting to deny equity on the turn but so few raise bluff on the river at those stakes it's gotta be a fold unless you have a history with that guy.

    The second hand why are you going nut?.

    Limped pot with a flop that is good for our range and we have a gutter so why not bet the flop? Then on the river when he clicks it back I would just call.

    When you raise again what are you hoping to get called by? Sets or maybe 65 75 but they shouldn't be raising you again (not at all really) so now it's a chop or you're beat.

    You're not really giving up poker, are you?


    • Guido
      Guido commented
      Editing a comment
      Often times the first 15 min i do not play my a game since i have no pregame focussing Routine

      The first hand i went with my "read" since his line was unusal to me and felt bluffy

      The thing is the 2nd hand i first wanted to just call the river and then thought like i cannot be against the Real nuts one more time a few seconds later and i decided to raise with the second nuts

      Why am i supposed to give up poker ?

      If you mean i call a lot on rivers to hefty aggression i can say i do not , those hands were exceptions
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