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  • Thoughts?

    Hi what stats in hm2 are good to find leaks in mtt game (or what to filter for) and what to look for to see if you are running good or bad besides allin EV?

    I started playing mtts again during corona and am at the moment at 1200 played mtts with abi 20€ (115k hands). Only had a few FTs and no big cashes and am down around 2,5k. ROI is 4,7%.

    VPIP 21,4 - PFR 15 - 3b 6,78 - AF 1,85 - Steal% 33 - steal from btn 40, co 28, sb 31,4% - WWSD 54,6% - cbet 64,3 (ip 69,8, oop 55,3)

    bb/100 is 5,71 and EV bb/100 is 9,34. With antes 4,3 and 7,61.

    If i filter blinds for greater than 1k bb/100 is 1,91, EV bb/100 5,45.
    With bb greater than 5k it is -0,21 and 1,17 which seems really bad but i dont
    know why it is so low. VPIP/PFR and AF are almost the same and 3b is even a bit higher than in early stages (7,78).

    Blinds: sb bb/100 -10,61, EVbb/100 -8,97
    in bb -39,98 and -33,98

    I know i have some leaks in my late game and made for sure some icm mistakes. But it feels like im running bad for the most part losing flips, getting coolered or getting sucked out on when running deep and not getting in good spots.

    Im doing a lot of content lately. Mostly short stack strategy and blind defense. But whats kinda frustrating and weird for me is that i did a lot better before when i was just playing mtts for fun sometimes. Im usually playing live cg for a living.

    Thoughts on stats and everything else would be highliy appreciated.

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    hi , here are my thought s

    VPIP/PFR is fine
    3 bet also , but try to 3bet more often to gamble it up a bit , but it depends on your overall strategy , if you play very low stakes 7 % might be enough
    AF my one is 2.2. and there are a lot of great players that have higher AF , but it depends on your overall strategy
    i dont work with steal
    your combined cbet ip and oop could be closer to 67 for being very balanced but its good , you are not a master blaster
    your wwsd seems a little high , my one is 50 for my whole database , but it depends a lot on which games you play , for instance if you play less than 9max on avg your wwsd is much higher compared to playing 6 max or even hu , in turbos it is higher than normal blinds since you will be shortstacked more often and shorter stacked means going allin more often and going allin more often means having a higher wwsd, but lets say you play 9 max , then 55 wwsd is a leak meaning you call off to often in close spots facing river bets or as the agressor you play too passively postflop

    bb/100 is 5,71 and EV bb/100 is 9,34 means you are currently on a hefty downswing and your expected ev is higher than you run currently