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  • 1 on 1 Coaching - How to decide our level?

    I've seen that it's now far easier to book 1 on 1 coaching with the coaches which is great.

    One of the questions you have to answer is what you current level is: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

    That's pretty hard to answer right?

    If we say beginner is new to the game, and advanced is profiting at high stakes, that leaves an incredibly broad definition of intermediate.

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    Definitely broad categories but I don't think it matters too much. I think the "little about you" and the "what you hope to gain" sections should clarify a bit, and before you actually sign on for x number of hours, any of the coaches should be able to understand where you are in your game and if/how they will be able to coach you in an effective manner.


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      Looking at these rates makes me want to become a coach when I grow up )

      Who are you interested in?


      • radubalaj
        radubalaj commented
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        I'm surprised Matt charges so little too. And surprised Lexy Gavin charges so much.
        Not the she is not a great player, but purely judged by $$$ earned.

        Given that most of us on this side of the forum are cash game players, I would say JustGTO would be the best choice.
        Matt is great but it's nice to be coached by someone specializing in cash games instead of tournaments.

      • LondonImp
        LondonImp commented
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        kkep - there's no way I could justify spending $200ph on any coach at the moment. An hour's coaching goes by incredibly quickly and there's only so much information that can be conveyed in that time.

        Do you really consider it to be a bargain?

      • kkep
        kkep commented
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        I think given Matt's ability, how hard he works at the game and how good he is at teaching the game, yes I do.
        That said I'm still not positioned to drop $1000 or more for private coaching yet. I may consider this next year
        before I start playing live again tho.

        Do you mind if I ask who your coach is?

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      radubalaj Where do you see the rates?


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        Dilly Just select a coach's name from the list and the rates automatically pop up:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	0 Size:	39.9 KB ID:	38853


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          LondonImp have you got finished your training with SM ?


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            Originally posted by Guido View Post
            LondonImp have you got finished your training with SM ?
            No, not yet mate.

            I have a full-time job so there's a limit on how much free time I actually have to study and work so SM and I agreed to schedule our sessions once a fortnight so there's plenty of time for me to study and implement his advice in between.

            Want to know what sucks though? I've never studied so hard and my game's never been so strong (in my humble opinion after doing hours of database analysis) and yet we're only halfway through June and this is easily the worst month I've ever had results wise by a long shot. Funny how that happens...

            It's just one of those things I suppose. It's important to not correlate results with performance in the short-term (which is something I've said to many people on here, many times) and yet it's so much easier said then done...