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Big court case concerning online poker.

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  • Big court case concerning online poker.

    Big court case concerning online poker. Oral arguments in a case involving the Wire Act interpretation will be heard Thursday, June 18, 2020.

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    Saw this in the Discord, very exciting stuff although I'm fearful it's too good to be true because it usually is lol


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      This is the first I've heard of it, loool. This is some nonsense... Does anyone know - were there any similar cases? I have not come across any such news
      I've been playing poker a lot for a long time and haven't heard of it. This is so weird. Although I play on trusted sites with my friends, by type I've never heard my friends say such things. However, I think that if this is true, then the case seems very serious... This is no joke and if the case went to trial, it could create a huge impact that will not be a plus to anyone , it is unlikely hype and advertising in a similar way, I think it would be foolish and unprofitable, although no one knows...
      In any case, at the moment nothing happened, though it's been quite a long time.
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        Originally posted by Clarerisa View Post
        I want to try to play poker with my friends at the same table. That would be cool!