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    Hello Everyone, first time poster here. I joined when the promotion to do the first seven days of the 30-day Tournament Preparation Challenge was going on. I have since learned to love the site and i'm working on making this a permanent thing. If any of you are partaking in the challenge, you may remember day four, when Matt Affleck talked about Short Stack Preflop Play. He mentions a good amount of information from most positions, however, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the early position ranges I've constructed. They should be attached to this post, and they represent my UTG and UTG + 1 ranges both for 11-20 BBs with an Ante as well as for 6-10 BBs. Some of the questions I have are kind of nit picky, such as should I shove A8s from UTG with 6-10 BBs? Could I turn those suited nines into all-ins as well or are they okay as Raise/Folds? Also, for the 11-20 BB ranges, do they look decently balanced to you? Should I add more min-raise call offs or do you think it is okay as it is?
    As Mr. Affleck mentions, short stack preflop play is very important, and I want to learn how to master it from all positions. As this thread continues, I will probably add in questions about other positions as it relates to short stack preflop play. For instance, I know the GTO ranges suggest starting to have an all-in range from UTG + 2, but do you think it might even be better to start that from the LoJack instead? UTG + 2 still says early position to me, and I am wondering if I should just create a slightly wider range from UTG + 2 but split the range like how my other UTG ranges are. Thoughts?
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