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Intorduction and Cash Game v Tourney dillema

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  • Intorduction and Cash Game v Tourney dillema

    Post deleted - was a bit long winded - thanks for the two replies

    Last edited by Ando; 06-12-2020, 02:08 AM.

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    Hi Ando,
    Welcome. I'm also UK based.

    I play pretty much 100% on Party, and therefore no HUD (but do download my hands everyday to my database). Playing without a HUD, especially at the lower stakes, I'm currently grinding NL10 cash having recently moved up from NL5 whilst learning, definitely favours the players with solid fundamentals who are observant and make notes on opponents. TBH I prefer playing without a HUD anyway.

    Low stakes MTTs are definitely softer than the cash games but require a larger BR eg NL5 Cash 60buy-ins $300; MTT ABI of $5 BR min $1000-$1500 200-300 buy-ins

    I have always played MTTs as my main game of choice, but 8 weeks ago decided to make the switch to cash for the same time reasons as yourself. I'm actually really starting to get into it and enjoy it, but it is slightly tougher and I've had to learn new ways of play post flop that are counter intuitive to a long time MTT grinder, in order to be profitable.


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      Hi Ando,

      ive played for over 10years and just decided to take it seriously more too. I have played sngs back in the day on stars when traffic was good, then onto cash then tourneys and back to cash. I’m now back on tour it’s mostly on 888 as I find cash too much of a grind.

      I would really like to enjoy cash more as I totally u derstand it fits better with family life. I’ve recently found that deep runs on 888 end by 2.30/3am which is manageable, kind of. Albeit sleepy the next day.

      play what you enjoy and best of luck with it buddy.