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    I bit the bullet and reconfigured my computer today. It's singing along now but I lost 7 months worth of poker data. I did have some files backed-up but I would still lose about 5 weeks worth of action if I can get PT4 and PS to recognize the files. I'm pretty sure I can do that but I am afraid I may get some back while losing some.

    Should I accept losing 1000's of hands and results or start from scratch chalking up the first 7 months as an online learning curve?

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    No please do everything to get the data back

    I do Regularly Filter for different poker moves i did or situations i got in on hm2 and some come up very rarely

    Also you can sit on a FT vs a Player you only have important data saved from your first 7 months

    Also it is important to compare your hud stats from time to time to see how your game has changed


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      You have definitely got to try and keep as much as you can.

      Our databases provide a record of our past mistakes and we can use them to track our learning and progression.

      When we lose/delete a database we end up making the same mistakes all over again.

      It's fine and natural to make mistakes, what's not okay is to keep making the same ones.