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  • Greetings

    Hello Chat, i have just now finally joined this site after countless hours of watching Jons Live streams and general vids on You Tube. Ive been tempted to join on several occasions but i felt as though i would be the odd man out being among you guys but have decided its now or never, im getting on in years now, i turn 63 on Xmas Day but im no nit and have been known to 4 bet bluff on numerous occasions. Im very stoked to finally be here and im sure that with the great tools that Poker Coaching has to offer, even Mr Magoo would improve his game to a level he had never seen before. Looking forward to getting to know you guys.

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    Hi Craig and welcome to the forum. I myself am no spring chicken at 46 but I know my game is improving at a fast rate since joining a couple of weeks ago. I've turned into a 3 and 4 bet machine lol. I put a post up recently about making a study group if your in the UK at all?


    • Turbulence
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      might be interested in the study group - is it cash or MTT focus? I'm based in Scotland.

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    hi craig , welcome and good luck at the tables, but please work on your fundamentals rather than on your 4 bet bluffing "skills" !

    you can become a very good player without 4bet bluffing at all !


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      Welcome brotha! That's a weird comment Guido lol


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        Welcome Craig, Reading the responses makes me feel better, and no longer the oldest poker dude in town, I'll be 47 shortly. If the Old Dog is willing you can teach it new tricks


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          Welcome aboard, sir!

          Staring down the big six-oh myself very soon.


          • Joseph
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            Snap, 60 in November.

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          56 in Sept. so plenty of old heads on here


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            I was so afraid that someone will ask how old I am, but right now I'm feeling young.)) Just got 51 a month ago!