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Taking a Siesta / midday nap

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  • Taking a Siesta / midday nap

    when i am very tired

    For instance after a hard Working day

    Or when i slept not well last night on the weekend

    I like taKing a Siesta 90 minutes and play poker afterwards

    But i hAve realised roughly after 90 Minutes playing i m getting Tired again

    And i am struggling more with bad beats, sometimes aggression tilt (not often)

    Overall i seem to play better and digest Bad beats better if i slept well last night and stay awake until i play poker (having a not stressful day , not being tired)

    I always thought taking a 90 minutes nap is good before playing poker but not for me presumably

    How is it with you ?

    Are there studies which explain the "phenomen"?

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    Have you tried taking a "power nap" instead? 15-20 minutes long, just resets the brain a bit...


    • Guido
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      No if i am tired i want to really sleep

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    I feel like this has to do with just the accumulation of stressors that build up from a long day's work. Giving yourself that naptime as a buffer between your work (stressor) and playing poker (which can be a stressful and very mentally engaging activity) can be a positive thing. Have you tried meditation or listening to Elliot Roe's MP3s after your nap to add to that buffer? I think it can really add to that effect of disassociating your mind from the stresses from work, and then ready you to be in a zone to focus on playing and enjoying the process of playing poker.


    • Guido
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      thx , i have not tried out meditation or listening to Elliot Roe's MP3s yet (besides a few times ER mp3s)

      mediation seems like a big step to me although it probably is not

      i will think about it , thx