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    What's up with all the spam in this forum? Are there no moderators?

    I just flagged a bunch of messages as spam, but some of them were from months ago. I'm new here, I'm just checking out whether being active here can be a valuable use of my poker learning time, and I have to say this is quite off-putting. Like nobody cares.

    Also the "Random Question" in the registration form to prevent bot signups is a joke, there is exactly one "random question", and it's always "What color are the spades in a deck of cards?". No wonder spammers are having an easy time.

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    There are a couple of new MODS and we will try and get to work on that. Give us some time to figure out what we can and can not do.


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      Glad to see that it worked out (there's a bunch of messages missing here, it was actually me who took care of getting some mods appointed). Good luck fighting the spam!


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        A lot of the messages from other topics have been restored, I can see a lot are still missing though.

        Hopefully they'll be recovered.

        If not, we may have to draw a line in the sand at this point and we'll take better care of the forum going forwards.

        modfalcon - Yes, well done getting some movement. Much appreciated.


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          I only deleted a few Spam messages. I asked to be a MOD several months ago when JL brought up the idea of adding some new MODS after jjpregler went MIA. I wish he would come back!
          Shortly thereafter I ended up cancelling my subscription due to this COVID crisis. When I signed back up this month I renewed my request and they responded right away. For a time there some
          of us believed this Forum was going to be shut down in an attempt to push us over to Discord.


          • Guido
            Guido commented
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            I wish jjpregler would come back , too

          • LondonImp
            LondonImp commented
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            Same. The guy taught me a lot.

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          LondonImp and kkep Appreciate you both. Also glad to have you back Kkep!


          • kkep
            kkep commented
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            Thanks and glad to be back! I have a lot of catching up to do...