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  • Preflop Range Charts

    Are the preflop range charts under the tools section of the website for how many big blinds you have, or the effective stack size (least at the table)?

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    I don't know that is either or. For example if I'm in EP with 90BB and most of the table is over say 50BB but one player only has 15BB I'm playing my range as if the table is fairly deep so I will open accordingly. I may play a slightly tighter range from early position tho if the short stack is in LP or on the blinds. Especially so if there are a few splashy players that do a lot of calling which makes a squeeze more attractive for the short stack.

    Curious how others think about that


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      The charts are for effective stack size but effective stack size doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest stack at the table, it’s the lowest stack size likely to be involved in the hand.

      if you’re the smallest stack at the table your stack is effective stack size.

      if we’re deciding to call or 3! a raise the IR stack size is the effective stack, unless our stack is shallower. However this is tough because say we’re 50BB deep in the LJ, a 17BB stack opens in EP, and CO and B are both 70BB deep, we have to be mindful of the stacks behind us since we’re risking more than 17BB when we shove.

      if we’re are the IR in general we can look to the BB as effective stack since that’s the player who will enter the pot with us most frequently. But not always. Say there’s a limp we know will call basically any raise that is shallower than the BB, that’s probably the best effective stack size.

      it’s somewhat a grey area just have to try to use the information available to determine who is likely to be the lowest stack size in the pot. Also just be aware, if you open using your 15BB range, and a 40BB stack winds up seeing the pot with you heads up, understand what you’re actual range is and what the implication is in the strategy postflop