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SB 3bet and BTN Shoves - Could I have played this differently?

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  • SB 3bet and BTN Shoves - Could I have played this differently?

    8 max - NLH $0.01/$0.02

    90 minute up and down session for me, won some early pots then got card dead for a time. Lost a few pots due to overvaluing some mid pocket pairs and chased a few too many draws, some I was getting good odds to call, but lost, and others I realize that I really had no reason to be in at all (sigh!). I also found I was falling into more passive play and decided I needed to be more aggressive in some spots. This was one of them, for better or worse.

    Villian was on the BTN and I would say was somewhat tight aggressive, but had a few loose/junky hands he called to the river.

    So here’s how it played out…

    Everyone folds to the BTN ($2.33) who raises to $0.08

    I’m in the SB ($1.05) with Ah Qd and 3-bet to $0.24 - realize Im OOP here, but decided I needed to be aggressive with the hand

    BB calls, BTN shoves, I call, BB folds

    Pot $3.63

    Flop - 8s 2s Jc

    Turn - (8s 2s Jc) 5d

    River - (8s 2s Jc 5d) 7h

    BTN shows Qs Qc wins the pot

    I ran this for equity after and got 63% equity vs. BTN range so I think it was a good call, but ended up not improving and lost to a better hand. I realize that AQ is dominated by AA, AK, and KK, but with BTN range being pretty wide I thought I was in pretty good shape…until he shoved. Wondering if I could have played this differently? Could this have been a fold instead?


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    I think you have 63% equity vs the RFI BTN range, but you don't have the same equity vs the shove BTN range. So, I would fold AQo against the BTN shove. And the effective stacks is $1.05, so the total pot isn't $3.63.


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      Hi bigfish,

      Thanks for your response. Still lots to learn.

    • bigfish
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      You' re welcome!
      We all have a lot to learn!