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Preflop All in 25NL

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  • Preflop All in 25NL

    playing on ACR, UTG+2 opens to 2.2bb. Hero in CO with AcKc 3bet to 8.4bb (I used a larger size because of the small preflop open).

    BTN jams 30.52bb. Been at the table for less than 10 hands so no stats.

    SB jams 138.52BB. Only have 10 hands but has VPIP 40, PFR 20, and 3bet 33%.

    Utg +2 folded....

    What does hero do?
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    hero can profitably call for sure

    But the Question is how many variance are you ready to digest?

    I am ready to go for it after London convinced me to dont Set youself rules like 50 bb allin Limit always

    10 hands samplesize is nothing btw


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      Personally I nit it up. Ranges aren’t wide enough. Also you didn’t mention if UTG2 folded


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        Is it 132BB effective? Up to 100BB I'm happy getting it in with AK against any unknown. Sure many at micros are nits but that's balanced by how many players can conceivably shove any pair here.

        Above 100BB I might falter, but I think at 132BB we should still be calling.

        Good points above, UTG2 calling or folding is definitely a factor.


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          As above if UTG+2 rejams I might find a fold as ranges have now shrunk considerably and at best we are against the same hand with one opponent and QQ+ with the other so not great situation. If UTG+2 folds I'd call off with AKs and might fold 50% of the time with AKo depending on what I know about the opponents.