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i feel i messed this one up postflop beginning on turn

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  • i feel i messed this one up postflop beginning on turn

    actually preflop i should fold or raise , not call

    but lets see what the solver says


    i should call ! i guess this is because it is just a minraise and i am ip


    i should just call and if i want to raise i am supposed to raise small 25%potsize

    but i made no big mistake by raising this size , calling just has a little more ev

    i guess this is because i am IP , i want to keep his bluffs in , i can control the size of the pot at any point , i could already be against a straight and want to control the size ofthe pot a little bit


    in game the Ace scared me off , i am now losing to KQ, AT,AJ and all those hands could easily have called the flop raise

    solvers says checking back has most EV (nice to see this really, I was very unsure about it )

    by the way betting 50% potsize has almost the same ev but checking is better


    on river every Q beats me

    i should fold , this has more EV than calling

    I am very happy with the way I played the hand

    PokerStars, $20 + $2 - Hold'em No Limit - 20/40 (5 ante) - 8 players
    Replay this hand on Upswing Poker -

    UTG: 6,420 (161 bb)
    UTG+1: 4,520 (113 bb)
    MP: 4,969 (124 bb)
    MP+1: 5,065 (127 bb)
    CO: 4,939 (123 bb)
    BU (Hero): 4,803 (120 bb)
    SB: 4,504 (113 bb)
    BB: 4,984 (125 bb)

    Pre-Flop: (100) Hero is BTN with J♦ T♠
    4 players fold, CO raises to 80, Hero calls 80, 2 players fold

    Flop: (260) J♥ 8♠ T♣ (2 players)
    CO bets 130, Hero raises to 520, CO calls 390

    Turn: (1,300) A♥ (2 players)
    CO checks, Hero checks

    River: (1,300) 9♣ (2 players)
    CO bets 650, BU (Hero) folds

    Total pot: 1,300
    CO wins 1,300

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    The only hand you beat on the river is AK and I doubt that value bets so good river fold. I probably would have bet the turn in game and checked back river, but watching it over a second time dcided that checking was probably the best line. IT's interesting as your hand is too strong to be 'marginal made hand' on the turn, BUT not strong enough to class as a 'Premium made hand' which I suspect is why the solver is indifferent to betting or checking as you are chagring the hands that you still beat but have decent EV against you such as AQ and QJ and AK and QT but you are already crushed by KQ


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      thx turbu as always
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