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  • Bad Beat Jackpot winnings

    What is the norm, as there is hardly any skill to get one, in how to ledger a BB Jackpot win? As a regular poker win or separately and I'm not talking about for tax purposes. If you're a regular player where the BB is offered you pay in to the pot for it through the rake taking away from ones profit (or adding to ones losses) so why not add it to regular poker winnings?

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    Yes add it to your bankroll. It’s something you have been paying for already in the rake. The money counts when they take it out. Like when you are marking down your wins and losses you put down what you made not what you would have made if there was no rake. ex: If you made $200 (in a session) you mark that not the $250 you would have won without any rake. But add it back in separately almost like you won it in a tournament or something so doesn’t affect your BB per 100. You don’t want to think you are crushing a game when really you just won a Jackpot. Get it??