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the stats of my opponents and my conclusions

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  • the stats of my opponents and my conclusions

    it is interesting to look at the stats of my opponents I play most often against (turbo 180cap/and large field MTT)

    I want to mention those are all or almost all profitable regs (but no online stars; it is proven that player 1, 7 and 10 are very profitable )

    the first 2 lines are VPIP/PFR , they all have a close gap as it should be

    line 3 is 3 bet and it is noticeable that their 3 bet % is quite low compared to what JL and AF teach , they all seem to apply a linear 3bet range

    line 4 is postflop aggression %, I want to mention that my overall stat here is 19,4 % (18 last year)so those regs play way tighter than me postflop (I would never compare myself with JL but just for the record I guess his postflop aggression % is also higher than those regs do play)

    line 5 is W$wS

    line 6 is WTSD% (since we play most often turbo short stack turbo poker those stat is way higher than normal)

    line 7 is Won$at SD

    line 8 is Flop Cbet% , here you can see a wild variety of different cbet strategies (my overall cbet % is 68 (but this year 58 and last year 62); ), my overall cbet% seems a little too high by tendency but i have already worked on it

    line 9 is Turn cbet % (my overall stat is 51 (last year 54, this year 47), i think Matt affleck mentioned in the barrelling webinar his one is also roughly 50), it is proven that player 1, 7 and 10 are very profitable and they all have very different turn cbet strategies

    line 10 is River cbet , this stat is not that meaningful as you dont play a lot of rivers vs your opponents in short stackturbo games (also I want to play more often until the river vs bad players)

    my conclusions:

    1. JL teaches very a very aggressive balanced strategy , to apply this succesfully you need to be really good overall especially postflop; there are more unbalanced exploitative strategies which will work better in lower stakes (ok this is nothing new, just wanted to point out)
    2. to crush the lower stakes online it is ok to only have a linear 3 bet range
    3. you dont need to be super aggressive to crush the low stakes by any means ; it could be a good start to keep barreling until you feel much resistance)
    4. different succesful players have completetly different strategies , you need to find out what works best for you in your games and with your style

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    Having a balanced strategy in TurboSNGs isn't really important at all, Playing better starting ranges and stacking off postflop with strong hands is about all it takes. Also no need for a polar 3 bet range your oppenent is either going to have a hand they want to go with or not, only the early stages have much post flop play and generally playing like a NIT then is the best strategy.

    MTT and deepstack play is much more important. The biggest benefit to me at least of the PokerCoaching,com teaching is I now have a clear plan in my head for playing many post-flop spots rather than having to think about each spot as it comes up.