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    My name is John. I'm a 6 max SNG Grinder on my 2nd week of PCP. I used to grind 9 man SNGs in college before Black Friday.

    We have PokerStars in my state and I have been putting in a lot of volume and study time to improve my game since the coronavirus outbreak. I'm looking to join a Skype or Zoom study group to talk poker, review hands, and to continue to up my game and to hold me accountable for goals and honestly just looking for mentors.

    I have a 41% ITM and 14% ROI over 5k games from $1s, $5s, and $10s, and just took a shot at $20s. I play with 200 BI, which is overkill for SNGs, but it has kept my mind right, and I am looking to mix in some large field MTTs. This is my living for the foreseeable future so I do withdraw weekly to keep a steady income, so I plan to be at the $20's for awhile, mainly due to the lack of HS games.

    I haven't seen many SNG grinders, but if you are interested in forming an active group or are in an active (primarily) tournament group willing to take a new member, PM me.

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    Sng is a bing bang game. Why large field MTT ? Turbo or Hyper-turbo ? If you have training videos , I'm interested. Not sure how much relevance it has with MTT though.


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      ' owlsova ' my idol on stars. saw him more than 20 tabling sng turbo $15 - $60 making his transition to mtt. should keep an eye on his progression, but I don't

      probably got good grip on icm
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    Hi Edie.

    I play mainly $1/$1.50 SNGs (Full ring, norm./turbo) when I haven't time for MTTs as it exercises so many parts of the MTT game in a small format, but due to study, work etc I only manage 30-50 per week.
    Current BR circa $400 and looking to double-up before moving to $2/$3 level. ROI c. 10% which I realise I need to improve before moving-up. I'm happy with 3-tables, 4 stresses me a little. I play 1/2 tables when practicing what I've learnt today...
    I've worked through (and can recommend) Moshman's bible on the subject, taken in light of more general/modern tournament advice from PC.

    Happy to share sources, useful lessons & general chat