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is folding this preflop too tight ? would you fold this ?

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  • is folding this preflop too tight ? would you fold this ?

    this was the money bubble

    not the stone bubble ,but 7 players to bust or so (big online field)

    i was comfortably ITM & did not want to bust out

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    This is a really interesting spot and needs to be looked at from several angles:-
    1. How significant is the min cash to your bankroll? If it's your standard buy-in and you are rolled for 300+ at this level, it's not very. If this is a weekly 'shot' thats 4x your ABI then its a lot more important.
    2. Stack sizes, positions, and action (and players left behind). The UTG opener on a middle stack should not be trying to 'steal' with 3 bigger stacks left to act, so his range should be tighter. The flat call from a short middle stack is either a) an idiot that isn't aware of the situation b) is playing cautious with a strong hand c) is trapping with a monster.
    3. You have zero fold equity with that stack size and the chips already in the pot so you are definitely getting called by one or both players + there is always the chance of someone waking up behind.

    Overall, I would say with your stack that a fold is correct. If you had say a +20bbs stack that gives you fold equity on a shove and if called (and you win) puts you on a +40bbs stack and therfore a decent chance to go super deep, its leans me towards going for it. Going from 8bbs to 20-22bbs in the same spot doesn't improve your overall chance that much.