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Question on homework for june

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  • Question on homework for june

    This was my first assignment! I did it already but had a question on it! I looked over and really put a lot of thought into it! I was questioning way it is written with an open with one caller. How much adjustment with the one caller in between your bb! My first thoughts is to tighten up 20%-30% less hands! That’s kinda the way I went about or should I rethink it again and go back redo! You can go take a look I know there will be JL will go over it June 15 just trying to think threw this being my first assignment wanting to really put in the effort to improve my thinking and understanding these kind of spots!!!
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    I think you want to play fewer off suit and more suited hands. The real issue for me is our stack size. Once we raise, if we get two callers, the effective stack to pot ratio would be just over 1 (39 stack size, 33.5 pot). That makes me think our range needs to be top-heavy. I hope others will reply as well.