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what did i do wrong here ?

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  • what did i do wrong here ?

    Hold'em No Limit - 40/80 (10 ante) - 9 players

    UTG: 6,341 (79 bb)
    UTG+1: 4,653 (58 bb)
    MP: 8,010 (100 bb)
    MP+1: 4,738 (59 bb)
    LP: 5,932 (74 bb)
    CO: 4,610 (58 bb)
    BU: 5,572 (70 bb)
    SB: 4,903 (61 bb)
    BB (Hero): 5,384 (67 bb)

    Pre-Flop: (210) Hero is BB with 7♦ 6♦
    2 players fold, MP calls 80, 4 players fold, SB calls 40, Hero checks

    Flop: (330) 9♠ 8♠ K♦ (3 players)
    SB checks, Hero checks, MP bets 160, SB calls 160, Hero raises to 750, MP calls 590, SB folds

    Turn: (1,990) 8♥ (2 players)
    Hero bets 1,327, MP raises to 5,134, BB (Hero) folds

    Total pot: 4,644
    MP wins 4,644

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    I don't think you did anything wrong in particular, seems a reasonable / aggressive way to play a draw that has no showdown value. I think you can be 100% certain that the MP had an 8, limpers rarely bluff in these spots, and they certainly aren't thinking in terms of ranges.


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      Which size would you use on the turn?

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    thx , good to know , I was a little frustated after this spot.

    I have asked my AI program for a solution

    preflop check correct

    flop checking shows most EV and is recommandable 100% of the time , betting 25% potsize is also an option (almost same EV)

    as played after open limper bets 160 and SB calls my AI program says my raising move is correct but I should have gone (even) bigger oop (1 Pot instead of 0.73% pot)

    but it also says I should apply this aggressive big raising move only 7% of the time , the other 93% I should just flat call

    to make things simple you can say calling should be the default action


    as played my AI program says my betting move is correct but i am betting with the wrong sizing (67% potsize )

    the default sizing should be only 25% potsize (I guess this is because the 8 is better for the open limpers range which has just flat called the flop raise)

    I have realised you should not look at the wet board texture in the first place when deciding which betsize you should choose

    but you should rather look how additional board cards help different ranges (better and worse) so betting small is more reasonable in hindsight

    as played Folding to the Allin is without any alternative
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      So I like the preflop check. But on the flop I think I would to prefer a call as well. Mostly because it’s a multi-way pot and you have one of the worst draws. But a raise is fine if you think it will get everyone to fold now or on future streets. On the turn if you are going to bet I think it should be smaller. Because that8 is not good for your range because you check-raised the flop.