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Creating a small study group

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  • Creating a small study group

    Hello all, I hope you're all doing well.

    I thought it might be a good idea to create a small study group with a couple of us on here.

    The premise being we each share something like 5 hands with each other every week that everyone analyses and shares the feedback. So if there are 4 of us, we would each analyse and critique 15 hands per week and share them with the group. We can then compare how we would all play each hand and the reasoning behind liking/ disliking certain plays.

    We could also do some other things, but I think this might be the most simple and effective way to improve. Having your hands analysed is beneficial and also taking the time to study other people's plays is great for learning too.

    Let me know if anyone is interested and we can set up an email chain/ WhatsApp group or something.

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    sounds good to me, my email is



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      I would do a hand exchange. There have been a couple attempts to start study groups over Zoom etc that never got off the ground. Simply exchanging hands over email might be the best option. It’s sometimes easier to examine someone else’s play than your own.


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        Dm me if you have kik. We could start a private group on there.


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          Hey all. Thanks for getting back. It would be cool if we can put something together.
          I have no idea what Kik is - assuming it's an app? If it can be used on computer that'd help so we can share hands more easily - hand replayer etc.

          Email might be easiest to start with?


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            i would love to join please send me the info!


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              I'll start up an email thread today. AJH914 do you want to offer up your email address so you can be involved in a chain?


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              hey guys i use cisco webex for school you guys should check it out i think its great for learning..


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                I sent an email out to you all this morning with a couple of big losing hands from myself. Hopefully we can get this going.