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those spots just suck !

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  • those spots just suck !

    coaches say you have to call the almost minraise preflop with such a "good" hand

    even vs EP

    then on flop consider the SPR !

    what am I supposed to do differently ?

    it is like you see everything coming but you are supposed to run into your disaster anyway because you are supposed to ...
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    I don’t think you could have done anything differently. You caught top pair with 15bb starting stacks, you’ll end up stacking off there every time. It sucks but this is why it is so hard to win a tournament.


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      Nothing to see here, you played it the best way possible (most profitable way) but ran into the top of their range and missed your 5 outs, that's it.


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        thx guys I have also asked my super tight but tough to beat friend snowie

        he says preflop this is a call (i thought perhaps he wants me to fold as i will be dominated often especially by the RFI)

        on flop snowie says i should check 100% of the time but snowie also says bettint 25% potsize has almost the same EV

        after villian bets 1600 snowie says I made a mistake by going allin

        snowie prefers calling 86% of the time