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D&BPoker/Publishing - Not a scam right..?

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  • D&BPoker/Publishing - Not a scam right..?

    Ordered a couple of books a good few weeks back. Money was taken, of course, but I haven't received anything and the company have not responded to my enquiry.

    I know it's a tough time for everyone at the moment, and shipping books is hardly a priority. So almost certainly nothing to worry about.

    Have any of you ordered study material from this company before?

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    You have drive. Give you that. I have old videos never finished watching... old , alot of catching up.

    poker kind of is scam. when u winning , you playing with people who shouldn't play with u.


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      Thanks Eddie.


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        Not a scam, doesn't have the most responsive customer service though. I had issues when I bought the ebook version of Mastering Small Stakes 2 years ago, they sent the receipt without the download link lol.

        I would give it a while but if you're getting no response, if you hit JL on twitter, IG, or email support they should be able to help.


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          Haha I'm not sure how willing JL would be to help, but I could certainly contact the authors of the books.

          Glad to hear I'll receive them eventually I suppose


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            I have had just Good Experiences with them in every sense