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should I fold turn ? if no should I call or fold river ?

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  • should I fold turn ? if no should I call or fold river ?


    i could raise or call , as he is from such an EP and I am IP I decided to call see what develops

    would you raise or call here ?


    i think this is a standard call and only a call is reasonable


    here it already becomes dicey

    it is such a big bet already and i could be against all remaining combos of AJ, AK, QT

    OK at least i unblock AJ, AK, QT (also aces and queens)

    would you call or fold turn ?


    i got 2 pair , he jams in , he could easily have all T combos (TT, T9,TQ, TJ, AT, TK , perhaps T8s, T7s) and sets

    he wants to get his stack in

    when i used to call off in those spots i lost kind of every time

    thats why I dont call off in those spots anymore for a long time

    thoughts ?

    would you call or fold river ?

    PokerStars, $50 + $5 - Hold'em No Limit - 700/1,400 (175 ante) - 8 players

    UTG: 51,015 (36 bb)
    UTG+1: 49,625 (35 bb)
    MP: 31,019 (22 bb)
    MP+1: 39,791 (28 bb)
    CO: 80,887 (58 bb)
    BU (Hero): 81,196 (58 bb)
    SB: 65,110 (47 bb)
    BB: 57,285 (41 bb)

    Pre-Flop: (3,500) Hero is BTN with Q♦ A♥
    1 fold, UTG+1 raises to 3,500, 3 players fold, Hero calls 3,500, 2 players fold

    Flop: (10,500) K♥ A♦ 2♣ (2 players)
    UTG+1 bets 5,250, Hero calls 5,250

    Turn: (21,000) J♣ (2 players)
    UTG+1 bets 11,200, Hero calls 11,200

    River: (43,400) Q♥ (2 players)
    UTG+1 bets 29,500 (all-in), BU (Hero) folds

    Total pot: 43,400
    UTG+1 wins 43,400

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    Thems is the tuff spots. Easy to talk yourself into a call on the turn with TP and gutshot - Your still beating some of his draws on the turn so think calling ok but marginal as you don't beat any of his value buts, unless its a total fish with A7o. River, think folding is the best option - with a sigh.


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      Just a thought how about 3 betting preflop? Something I have been doing with hands like aQ ,Aj ? It has been working online the majority of the time if he had a,ten he has to fold. If he shoves you have a decision probably a fold depending on how loose he is.


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        For me its always a 3 bet pre, I need this extra info pre and I´m in position, if they only call preflop, I see the turn most of the time for free.
        If there is a 4 bet pre, we play a big pot in position, I know thats semi optimal but not the badest spot...

        sry for my bad english


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          I have asked my AI program


          I have to raise , I am holding a top notch hand and even though your opponent represents a strong hand i should have raised for value


          as played i should call 100% of the time
          raising small has almost the same EV


          this is a pure call

          if you had the choice of only going allin or folding , going allin would be the better option !

          so in the initial post I was asking the wrong question : would you call or fold turn ?

          I should have asked : would you call or raise allin ? !!


          Folding is correct ! (thats good to know , almost relieving)

          If I wanted to be super balanced i should fold 60% of the time

          and call 40% of the time