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Cash game variance and bankroll swings

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  • Cash game variance and bankroll swings

    Hello all, hope you're doing well in lockdown wherever you are.

    Just wondering how bad people have experienced cash game doenswings? Over a few thousand hands or so - what's the deepest amount of buy-ins you've been stuck?

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    I was wondering the same thing myself. Over my last 10k hands at 25nl I went up 750 bbs but then dropped 750 over my next 3.5k hands. I am wondering the same thing.


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      I recently had an ~18 buy-in down swing over a period of just shy of 20k hands. That's the worst for a while. My worst ever was about 40 buy-ins and I nearly stopped playing for good. Glad I didn't.


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        Variance is a biatch. Played a big session yesterday +1800hands, and felt that I played pretty much close to my best the whole way.....and my Party report card for the session agrees BUT check out the last to lines for Winrate on the day....painful.

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          40 buy-ins is huge! I had 32 buy-ins downswing over last 2 week(10k hands or so).
          I'm back up 14 buy-in in my last 3.5k hands, so feeling a bit better. Now I'm not getting destroyed by rivers for 500bb pots it feels like EZ game. Will play 1-1.5k hands today and hopefully I'll keep climbing back up the hill.

          Also got a 3rd and 6th in two tourneys in last 4 days so got my variance spirits up a bit. It can be a bitch though.


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            I played around 150K hands at 10NL full ring. I had one downswing of 12 buyins and one of 11 buyins.

            Other than that, just smaller downswings of a few buyins.


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              my biggest DS is 14BI on nl2 in 8k after returning to poker with overall tracked winrate 8,00bb/100 with 32k hands. now i run hot again and re-won 20BI in next 8k