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TT vs 4bet preflop

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  • TT vs 4bet preflop

    Hra: Online tournament (early stage ) - $5.50 - $10K GTD
    Players: 8
    Hand: TsTc
    Stack: 201.420
    Blinds: 600/1200
    Ante: 150
    Position: SB hero

    UTG+1 TAG(147.436) raises to 2400, CO very LAG(108.451) calls 2400, Hero calls 1800, BB shoves all in 4716, UTG+1(145.036) 4bet to 22.548, CO folds, Hero???

    How to defend pocket TT against 4bet preflop?

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    I don't think I like the first call with TT here. You are in small blind and if the flop contains J/Q/K/A then you're toast and it will be hard to get value from SB on a low card flop. I therefore think this is a better place to 3 bet and fold to any raise from UTG+1.

    However, having made the 1st call and then gotten raised:

    With TT you are mostly worried about JJ, QQ, KK, AA. BB has all of those in range, but also things like AK, AQ, AJ, 99 etc. I think you're in good shape vs enough of those holdings to call the BB jam if UTG+1 folds.

    The question is how do you fare vs the UTG+1 range. I think you're ok here as well. This is an isolation raise, he does not want callers. If UTG+1 has AA, KK, QQ or even AK, AQ, JJ they want you to call and this is a big 4 bet. Villain's bet makes sense to me with pocket T and below, suited connectors and Ax suited. Against that range you want to re-raise, but your call from the BB caps your range. If you get jammed on and then you'd have to fold so if you bet it you'd need to bet big, probably all in. Your hand will look exactly like what it is, a middle pocket pair. The only hand I'd be scared of is JJ, I just can't imagine Villian having a higher pocket pair than that. Against anything else you're a favourite.