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22 vs 3bet preflop

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  • 22 vs 3bet preflop

    Game: Online tournament - $5.5 - $10K GTD
    Players: 8
    Hand: 2c2d
    Stack: 78.260
    Blinds: 1.25k/2.5k
    Ante: 300
    Position: HJ hero

    Hero(78.260) raises to 5000, SB (losse passive - 297.063) re-raises to 17.500, Hero folds

    SB hraje velice širokou range a je spíše calling station.
    V této hře SB 3bet preflop, což z přibližně 100 odehraných her udělal poprvé.
    Měl by hero své 22 zahazovat???

    SB plays with very wide range and he's a calling station.
    In this game SB 3bet for the first time out of a 100 hands played.
    Should hero fold pocket 22?

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    I don't like the min raise here, you'd rather win this preflop and against a min raise the BB should pretty much always call. There is no comfortable flop for pocket 2s unless you hit trips.

    Once you get 3 bet with pocket 2s it is time to fold, unless the SB is an absolute maniac. Even if SB is a maniac, unless he's a maniac that folds to 4 bets you should still fold.