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Fold, call or shove all in with AA on the river?

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  • Fold, call or shove all in with AA on the river?

    Hra: Online tournament - $11 - $25K GTD
    Players: 8
    Hand: AdAc
    Stack: 990.000
    Blinds: 10k/20k
    Ante: no ante
    Position: HJ hero

    LJ LAG(830.000) raises to 40.000, Hero 3bet to 80.000, LJ 4bet to 215.000, Hero calls

    Flop: (575.000) – 9d9h3c
    LJ(500.000) bets 115.000, Hero(775.000) calls

    Turn: (690.000) - Ks
    LJ(500.000) checks, Hero checks

    River: (690.000) - 2c
    LJ(500.000) bets 220.000, Hero???

    What should hero do? Should he fold, call, raise all in?

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    I'm pretty sure you just jam the turn, you certainly aren't folding the river. He has little to no 9X in his 4! range. We beat QQ-TT, we beat AK, we beat any other random bluffs, we lose to KK and a random 9X....we're in fine shape against most of this range. . But yeah on the turn you have less than 1 SPR I think we're supposed to bet, probably shove there.


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      Tough one. First things first, folding is absolutely out of the question. Never folding here.
      So, call or jam? Well, on the one hand, if you jam you might get called by AK/KQ. MIGHT. Everything else folds.
      The way he played his hand looks precisely like KK or QQ, maybe JJ. (I'm assuming this is a normal $11 tournament player who probably doesn't have a wide 4bet range). So, with the exception of exactly KQ/AK, he's folding everything you beat to a jam,which makes me more inclined to just call.

      After giving it some thought, yeah, I think I just call the river here.KQ is really unlikely for him to 4bet preflop. And since you block AK pretty hard, we can discount that hand quite a bit. Queens fold, jacks fold, King's call and double up. Not even reward to take the risk of jamming in my opinion.
      I agree that at at some point before the river you should have gotten your stack in. Flop looks like a good situation to shove, you might get called even by AK, and almost certainly by 1010-KK.


      • Vladimir
        Vladimir commented
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        Thank you for your analysis.
        I just called his river bet and my opponents showed up with A9s and win.

        We losse to all random 9x and all you mentioned above KK. So there are few combos of 9x and just three combos of K.

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        Wow, I never would have put him on ace9. But yeah the way he played it makes sense, like he’s either got a huge hand or something that’s too weak to call your all in.
        I guess if this player 4bets ace9 suited, you were smart to trap him preflop. Just got really unlucky, but otherwise you played it well.

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      Thank you man. We want to trap our opponent and get max. value from his marginal hands and potencional bluffs. Unfortunatelly we got unlucky flop lol