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Aces on wet low flop, lead flop big or check ?

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  • Aces on wet low flop, lead flop big or check ?

    I raised over this limper with AA and got this wet flop. I was thinking villian has nut advantage for big hands on this flop but its also wet so Im conflicted whether to bet big or small if I do bet. But thought I could check because im OOP and protection is not really a factor here bc villian calls with draws anyways. So what do you guys think I should do with my hand / range on this flop?
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    Never check this flop as preflop Aggressor , You want charge villians draws

    You have range Advantage

    They might have slight nut advantage

    So in Theory bet always and quite small

    Here i Would bet 60% Potsize (Medium to bigger bet) because i Want to bet bigger since i am oop and flop is quite wet

    Dont be Results oriented


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      I disagree. You want to get to showdown. This board is dangerous out of position. You do not want to get raised on the flop but can easily check-call. You’re not worried about protection because you’re not going to make anything decent (like villains exact hand) fold. You might as well check and let them either bluff or keep the pot small. If they check back you can start betting on many turns. But Aces here is unlikely to get 3 streets of value anyway so I don’t see any merit to betting the flop. The only hands that fold are hands like 22 or KQ offsuit which you want to keep in and let them bluff.
      If flop goes check-check you can bet big on turn and river. Getting two streets of value is probably the most you’ll get here, and by checking you limit the possibility of getting blown off your hand before showdown.


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        I think Im going to have to agree with the 2nd post because we arnt able to get protection , and only want at most 2 streets of value. If I do bet for some reason and get raised Im thinking to call and re evaluate on the turn. Thanks for the input guys. Since there were different answers Im going to watch a video on OOP cbet as preflop raiser and find out more,
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          interesting , if you do bet , get raised, u would call ? what is there to see on a turn ? some people would jam on flop.

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        Yeah , Im working on this spot right now and was just describing how I play it right now. If I did bet and get raised do you think its a jam? I guess my reasoning to call a raise on the flop would be to see if villian slows down on the turn but maybe that is not the best?