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how you like my big bluff ?

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  • how you like my big bluff ?

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    If we're trying to be balanced I don't like it. We have our whole BB range on this turn, which means we do have a lot of nut hands (I counted 38 likely combos) but we also have a wide range in general. I think multi way we're better off betting with our junky 8X 5X first or lowest flush draws , and using stronger draws like this to bolster our checking range, also letting us better realize equity


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      hi dilly, thx. i dont try to be balanced , because this is a big field low stakes tourney.

      i liked the spot to bluff since i backdoored a flush draw on the turn so it is less likely i bluff witha bsfd.

      also villians showed weakness

      the J was not an an Ace, King or Queen which would have more smashed villians range

      also I have covered the villian

      actually a lot of good points for bluffing

      would you bluff with 43 and A4 no flush draw ? (junky pair)

      if i bluff with any backdoored flush draw i am bluffing too often , i can see your point and withthe nfd i would have checked calluntil river depending on villians betsize

      with the king high flush draw i think it is borderline since i have almost no showdown value whatsoever
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        on turn snowie wants me to check 100% of the time and if i want to bet (despite of checking always better) i should bet 50% potsize instead of 67% potsize

        as played on river snowie wants me to check 100% of the time

        i guess this is because i have a little bit of SV and i block villians flush draws

        and if want to bluff it is better to unblock villians flush draws !

        snowie says if i want to bet preferrably i want to bet small on river 25% potsize

        i guess this is because so i can bet-fold and save my tournament life

        and because considering my whole range there are not a lot of value hands i want to jam it in

        because with the best preflop hands i am supposed to 3bet

        with the best flop nut hands and draws I am supposed to lead or check raise

        and villian could easily have all sets , JQ, JT, J9, AJ, KJ
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