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Another big score - Thank you

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  • Another big score - Thank you

    I joined PCP in January after deciding to finally pay for some decent poker training. Since that time I have had success live and decided to attack the online tables properly too. Well I have been forced into it by this weird virus thing too! (I won't get started on that).

    I have had some success online back in the Full Tilt days with my biggest score only been around £1k. I'd say I have been playing for around 10 years but have learned more in the last 4 months than I ever have.

    AS I have become increasingly frustrated with Stars I have decided to try out 888 and what a decision that has turned out to be. I had a $300+ score early on and then came my biggest ever online score ($2800 1st of 800+) a few weeks ago. Last night I won the same tournament again but for more ($5500 1st of 1600+) as you can see by my graph which shows a small sample. I also came 21st in this a week ago for a small cash when I got it in on the turn as an 75% favourite losing my chip lead and busting soon after which was frustrating but I was glad to be getting in such a spot.

    I just want to say a big thank you to PC team and JL for all that you do. My monthly payment has paid for itself for the coming months and years. I also want to show of my graph and thrive off of admiration and respect, so please feel free to give me some of that too .

    Thanks again, the vids that have helped have been the reviews of online tournaments by MA and of course all of the other fundamentals taught by the whole team.


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    Awesome work!


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      Great work mate - well done


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        Wow, that is a wonderful development! Congrats and well done

        If you were gonna summarize in 2-3 points how your game has improved, what would you say?


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          Thanks guys,

          I’d say some points amongst many would be.

          Thinking in in terms of ranges, calling less from SB, 3betting more, exploiting tendencies and being aware of stack sizes are first things that come to mind. BRM will be important now and studying everything more.

          Still buzzing.


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            Good Job. Keep it up!


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              great stuff, always good seeing other members hard work paying off. Awesome.

              I don't want to rain on your parade - rather impart some of my own (painful) experience. I've had a few runs of fantastic results in my many on and off years of playing, and the first couple of times I was like YES here we go the big time is coming - shortly after I hit one of the worst downswings I had ever experienced, and I was totally unprepared for it mentally.

              So, absolutely celebrate your success you deserve it! and then get your feet back on the ground and reset as it could be a while until it comes around again.


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                same here , we reg mtt players know what variance means

                and to be honest i wanted make the same post...

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              I agree guys and that's why I'm trying to use good BRM. I have been playing some $55's but mostly stciking to $16.50 and $33's. I've only dropped about $400 since the scores and am happy enough with my play as I have been smashed by variance and some terrible beats. And of course I need to work some more on my game. I'm not totally free of blame


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                Great stuff, John. This is awesome to see. Keep at it and dont blow it all on some high variance buy-ins! Stay on the grind and smash it.