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  • Quiz number 835

    Has anyone done this?

    The hand with :7c:

    So your opponent has called you all the way, and you still bet the river with nothing. At a guess, I would think you get called 9 times out of 10 !!!

    You have come up against some kind of strength and there seems to be absolutely no draws there, yet keep betting. Is this classed as good play just because your opponent folded? Because in real life I just cannot see this ever getting through.

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    May as well add Quiz number 837 as well.

    Opponent has called, even check-raises all the way. So we shove allin on the river. It is dumbfounding.


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      You have to bluff sometimes, agreed? What are the best hands to bluff with? Those that have no showdown value and are at the bottom of your range.

      This wasn't some crazy bluff, he did not even risk a lot. He played it in a balanced way, the same he would do with overpairs.

      I don't see anything wrong here. If you know something about the opponent, feel free to adjust. He does not offer any information about villain.


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        Quizz 837 - you cannot assume every time you are called they have a great hand. They will never fold slowplayed set of Aces, but that is not what you are trying them to fold.
        Villain has a lot of Ax type hands that will be put under great pressure if you raise.He can also continue with KQ,KJ,J10,QJ etc with backdoor flushdraws and underpairs 88-KK.

        This was played in a tournament setting as well, so villain is even less likely to go into bluff catching mode as he is risking his entire stack.


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          Not once did either of them mention what their opponent's range might be.

          Surely there are times you have to consider your questions and their answers? You are given all the answers yet still keep banging away like a flaccid porn star. Of course bluffs need to be made, but normally with information that you have. Both of these 'quizzes' seem to be totally ignoring all information and just keep betting as if it is your first ever game and you just like to bluff.

          I would wager that playing like this is going to lose money longterm but because they both got through and God knows how, we are supposed to learn from these videos? I wonder how many exact same scenarios got called. But they aren't worthy of being in a quiz because it is just too embarrassing.


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            Not once did either of them mention what their opponent's range might be. -> I already forgot 835, but in 837 Matt clearly explains what his opponent could have.

            Both of these 'quizzes' seem to be totally ignoring all information -> what information are you talking about? There is no additional info on villlain, so we must assume a more balanced, GTO approach.


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              Information such as... he just called me. He called me again... oh and again. So let's just keep firing, even though information suggests we could be hitting a brick wall.


              • radubalaj
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                Matt explains clearly what the opponent could have. Not sure what got you so upset

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              By the way, Jonathan Little has over 7 million dollars in live cashes, Matt has over 3 million dollars. I'm sure they know what they are doing better than the two of us.

              While I may not understand everything or even agree with everything they say, I try and learn as much as I can from them.


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                Just wanna get my roasting from PokerEddie. He was worried forum was boring.


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                  I just took Quiz 835 and did quiet well in it. I really don't see a whole lot wrong with Jonathon's play in this hand. The villain might think that Jonathon doesn't have many bluffs here. Well is this not a good reason to bluff so.?

                  I just took Quiz 837. Wow Matt seems to see the positive in every situation. Personally i don't understand what he is at in this hand or why he would make this move early in a tournament. Maybe it was a rebuy and he got chatting to the guy to his left who told him that he was only firing one bullet. Matt gets me to fold an Ace here so I wouldn't like have him at my table but I sure would love for the villain to call and take him out. Sorry if this sounds mean.
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