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    Watched the video posted on Youtube today regarding beating online cash games and started reviewing the 6-Max charts....

    I'm thinking I probably need to be playing way closer to these charts than I am, I've been playing closer to the range charts from the CGMC, and even adjusting from there as I feel many players at 20NL on Global are pretty loose and bad. I'm wondering if this is the right move, or if the adjustments that I'd wind up making from the 6-Max charts will just move me closer to where I am now....worth mentioning I'm losing right now at these stakes, pretty substantially, short sample size, and a lot of it is from a few months back where I was making a ton more post flop mistakes....

    Any thoughts?

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    The 6-max charts are "GTO solved" and so if you follow them explicitly you should profit against any opponents who does not play a GTO strategy.

    If you are making adjustments that are wrong, this is when you will lose.

    Maybe try sticking to them exactly for a few thousand hands and see if that improves your results?

    20NL-25NL is a tough game, I'm finding it tough to beat at the moment, although again this is due to a small sample size (I hope!)


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	25NL Results - 2020-03-27.PNG
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Size:	78.6 KB
ID:	35517

      These are my results so far at 20-25NL. After 10k I was thinking that it was a bit of a doddle, and then reality set in...

      Basically what I'm trying to show is that it's tougher, and also higher in variance, than 10NL.

      We need to play very disciplined poker otherwise we will get picked off.

      I 3bet far more than I should at 10NL, according to the charts, and did well. But the good opponents at the next stakes up will fight back a lot more cleverly and so I'm actively trying to reign myself in a bit.


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        I think that's all valid, only question is your point about 3-betting, the GTO charts have us only 3-betting, only the B has a calling range, so shouldn't we be 3-betting more against strong opponents


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          Against strong opponents I would be far more likely to stick to the carts than to start making adjustments.

          By 3betting more, I meant widening the current 3betting range by using the outliers (and sometimes practically complete air against the F3BET 100 guys) - not 3betting with hands that are better as flats from the BB. Unless of course they have a high fold to resteal stat, in which case I'd be happy trying to take down the pot preflop and rake-free instead of flatting.