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    I play mostly cash games and don't know all the finer points of late stage tournament play. I'm sitting in 8th at the moment with ~30 players left, already in the money. I'd like feedback on the turn play. I try to think of these as homework problems. Since we've turned TPTK - and the board just got scarier - is this a check call and reevaluate? However, if I'm not betting this I'd have basically no draws.

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    hope I don't say some stupid... I don't presume to know either cash , nor mtt.

    Guess anything is better than bet call turn.

    If not betting this, I'd basically have no draws ? what does that mean ? You would bet / call all draws on that turn ? that means what , if you chk turn, you're checking to ?

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      easy to be biased ... I take it back.

      Maybe bet call turn isn't worst . I bet some turns later think probably should have checked... that's why the cash v. mtt reference ? definitely see mtt players forgoing value . Mine is real brain dump.
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    [QUOTE=AJH914;n35472] is this a check call and reevaluate? However, if I'm not betting this I'd have basically no draws.

    I don't know what you mean by this either but I am open to learning the reason you say this. You could check the turn with your flush draw.

    I think I would check call a small to medium size bet on the turn or else i would bet around 16k and fold to a shove.


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      Perhaps working this out as a homework challenge would answer my own question. On the turn, as there are four to a straight TPTK should probably be considered a marginal made hand and checked. Hence the check, call a reasonable bet and reevaluate on river line (not what I did in game). Ideally I'd go back and find how many value combos I had in my range - presumably all including a 10 - and balance draws from there. The only logical draws I would have are AK, 87 and 76 all diamonds. Surely I have more than three value combos. If we're looking for a 1:1 ratio of premium hands to draws I'd have to get real creative to get there.

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    I think the reference is to doing the homework. You need to have 1 to 1 made strong hands to draws... or something like that.

    In actual situations, I think the homework pretty much goes out the window. From my perspective, I am trying to range what my opponent(s) might have and a ten in their hand is RIGHT up there with hands they will call the flop with.

    So I am checking and preserving my tournament life.