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  • see what happened to me

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    interesting hand. You get a great price on the turn for a call, but i'm not sure I like the check on the turn. I think we can lead out sometimes here to put pressure on hands we can't beat at showdown unimproved eg KQ, KJ and under pairs (even weak Ax) we have a lot of 2 pairs in our range and a couple of sets as well as some gutshot bluffs. I think I'd venture as far as I prefer c/r on the turn too a check call.


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      you were on this forum before , right ? name sounds familiar ... did u take a break ? u sound now more abc than I remembered.

      nobody mentioned about river play .. why's that ?

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    thx i thought nobody will answer : ) interesting thoughts , this might be a leak in my game , if sb shows weakness on more than 1 street (such a small bet on turn means weakness usually) i am trying to Lead out often Times but not here since i am more carefully if not very deepstacked and i really dont like the ace. It feels like they always have the A

    are you using sharkscope ?

    i am sorry you use sharkscope as I just could see.. I use Sharkscope a lot and one thing for sure is that any player with more than 2k games and a rating less 60/100 is pretty much always a Fish/recreational/fun player or put another way just simply bad.

    However, your caution is valid and I will cross reference their ABI (average buy-in) to get a clearer picture.

    As with all these things it's a guideline, another piece in the information puzzle, and should not be used in isolation for hard decision making.
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      trying to think of what to say so nobody gets offended or feeling targeted.... often end up saying nothing it's tough.


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        I have about 2k ... rating only 64 .. peak maybe 68. I comfort myself with ' never changing id ... and that included spin , sng from early days ' People who i consider decent seems to all have 80 +

        I'm still fumbling in the dark ... not find the way.

        I know a clown who had 200k mtt ... curve going up and up .. , winner , I call him clown , because he plays micro for decade with rating lower than mine .. less 1st place finishes ... or top 3 , despite a steady raising curve. recently scoring 9k from $215 ... imagine that from 3.3 to 215

        what does the rating mean ?
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