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imagine what big hand I folded

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  • imagine what big hand I folded

    the donk bettor is a good Player

    he donked into 3 Players

    would you have folded also ?

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    I have a hard time interpreting donk leads myself. Often times it's a weak player not knowing what to do with top pair thinking he has to bet it. I have no leading range in that spot. With two players behind you probably made the correct play. I'd call but that's probably a leak as I have no good plan for future streets if I get raised or if board gets uglier.


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      Yeah the Problem is how often will it go check check turn, check check river ? Less than 15% i guess if not less than 10%

      If he were a fish i would call but since he is provenly a competent Player i Think i am already behind on flop becoming his money mule

      JL said in a Training Video it is better to fold immediately on Flop or call Down any street than fold on turn or river in those spots

      Here too many bad turns and rivers can come , any 6 any 7 any heart , any J any Q any K any A
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        Good players lead for a reason either a) strong made hand that is vunerable eg set or str8 b) very strong combo draw eg Ah6h - I think you made a very disciplined fold